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Meet Some Buddies...

At My Big Buddy, we pride ourselves on selecting candidates with varied backgrounds and experiences. Our boys are all well rounded young men who make fantastic male role models and mentors for children of all ages. The Buddies all have different skills and interests to help inspire and educate your kids as well as care for them and keep them safe.

Through the long term establishment of the Agency we have managed to build up a fantastic network of candidates. Below is a small selection to show you some examples of our fabulous Big Buddies and Mannies…


I consider myself an active person with sports including football, tennis, and rock climbing being some of my regular hobbies. I have a lot of energy and I know kids enjoy my spirit of fun and ability to turn the most boring of situations into a game... Read more


I am a young male from New Zealand working over in the U.K for the next few years in order to gain some experience abroad. I first discovered my love for working with children as a teenager when I helped out afterschool and during school holidays at a childcare centre... Read more


I'm a 26 year old singer / songwriter, born and bred in London. I have worked in many different areas throughout my short life and consider myself a well-rounded, hard-working, passionate and creative individual... Read more


Hello! My name is Jack, and I am an English Literature graduate from Oxford University. I grew up in West London, studying at the great character builder of a school that is Holland Park Comprehensive, and then set sail for the sunny shores of South Wales when I was 16... Read more


I am a 24 year old Australian male working as a Big Buddy in London. My experience with kids however, extends beyond being a Big Buddy as I'm also currently working as a teaching assistant. I have spent 11 months in the same position as a learning support assistant at a special needs primary school in South East London... Read more


My name is Tom and I am 24 years old. I am a very physical, smiley and up beat person who manages to stay calm by remembering the little things in life such as a sunny day, long walks or laughing with friends and family, the free things in life... Read more

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