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I am a young male from New Zealand working over in the U.K for the next few years in order to gain some experience abroad. I first discovered my love for working with children as a teenager when I helped out afterschool and during school holidays at a childcare centre. After finishing high school I split my years in half between studying Psychology, Sociology and Law at university and working fulltime in several childcare centres. I specifically have a lot of experience working with young children aged 18 months to 5 years old but have also been actively involved with children older than this by helping out around a primary school and assisting with homework.

I have a natural rapport with children, complimented by a thorough knowledge of child psychology and a fun, playful and enthusiastic nature. My interests include outdoor pursuits such as kayaking, swimming, rock climbing, cricket, rugby and I have recently been developing a new-found interest in football. I also very much enjoy creating music, story-telling, writing, cooking and carpentry. I find these alongside my youth and vigour allow me to keep up with even the most energetic children. Furthermore I am well versed in maintaining a tidy, orderly and stimulating environment for children. I take pride in doing my utmost to be a positive male role model for the children I work with. I also take pride in my ability to tailor my interactions and approaches to children according to their individual needs, having successfully worked with many children across my 9 years of professional and personal experience. I have found all of these experiences fulfilling and meaningful and wish to have many more by continuing to work and play with children.

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