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Interview tips

When interviewing a potential Big Buddy or Manny there are certain points you need to cover. It’s a good idea to have a list prepared so you don’t forget important questions or points of discussion. Below is a list of tips you might want to have handy at interview time…

It’s a good idea to start with an informal discussion. Ask where your Buddy grew up, about his family dynamic, education and interests. Most of this will be written in his profile so you can draw on points from that and ask him to elaborate. You might also like to run though his CV and ask about his past experience.

  • Hours
  • School location
  • Routine
  • Kids interests
  • Any difficulties that might arise. Ie homework reluctance, fussy eaters, confidence issues etc
  • Any house rules. Ie shoes off in house, screen time allowance
  • Your long and short term goals for the children. Ie Aims for getting into certain schools, speaking a second language or improving confidence
  • Discipline… Do you want your Big Buddy or Manny to discipline the children? How strict are you and what expectations do you have?
  • Kid’s allergies, illnesses or dietary requirements
  • Your preferred method of communication with you carer, ie email, house diary, daily lists, online calendar, fortnightly meetings
  • Salary, contract terms, holiday allowance, trial period and start date

As you go through these interview tips with you potential Manny or Big Buddy you should ask them related questions. For example:

  • When discussing routine, ask them about the routine in place in their last position
  • Do they like cooking? What meals can they competently prepare? Was this part of their last job?
  • Are they tidy? Will washing and ironing faze them?
  • Discipline… How would they handle a certain situation where a level of discipline would be necessary? Make up an example
  • Allergies or Dietary Requirements – Do they have any?

To complete the interview, ask them if they have any questions before thanking them for coming. Tell them you’ll be in touch with the Agency who will in turn be in touch with them.

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We've used Big Buddies for all my kids birthday parties. They are a great extra pair of hands and have some fantastic ideas to keep the kids entertained which is essential when you have 20 six year olds!..

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