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I consider myself an active person with sports including football, tennis, and rock climbing being some of my regular hobbies. I have a lot of energy and I know kids enjoy my spirit of fun and ability to turn the most boring of situations into a game. I tend not to get stressed out but have a good sense of responsibility. I am a happy and interesting person and think I would be a great addition to any household that I might be placed in.

I gained a BA (hons) from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in 2005 and have been involved since a young age with Hereford Summer School, a two week annual drama course for children aged 8-18. I went on to take a teaching position which meant creating a show with groups of children as many as 30-40 at any one time. I have also conducted drama workshops with children that have learning or behavioural difficulties in school environments.

During drama school I was given the opportunity to give stage craft lessons to secondary kids for a fun week and babysitting and casual nannying has been a part time job of mine for as long as I can remember. My experience is extensive and varied, especially since joining MBb in 2008, and I pride myself on my ability to step into new roles quickly and easily. I’ve had sole charge care of children aged 18 months and up so am confident in all aspects of home child care including nappy changing, structuring routines and setting boundaries. Gaining the children’s respect and communicating clearing with the parents is imperitive!

I am a trustworthy, reliable and extremely dedicated, confident and positive person. I have great communication skills and am eager to learn new skills as well as use my initiative.

I have built strong and trusting relationships with the children in my care and find they respond well to my calm yet enthusiastic personality. My main passion in life is acting and I use the skills I learnt during my acting training to communicate with children to bring out their extraverted personalities.

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