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I’m a 26 year old singer/songwriter, born and bred in London. I have worked in many different areas throughout my short life and consider myself a well-rounded, hard-working, passionate and creative individual.

I was introduced to childcare from a young age. Between 16 and 18 I worked every summer at a family health club running sports camps for children between the ages of 5 and 14. Since then I have continued to part-time manny and work in supporting roles for families with children of mixed ages, whilst exploring and working in the music, media and service industries.

As well as being a singer I am an aspiring cook. I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to use ingredients and create beautiful and delicious food. The past year I managed two high-profile restaurants in London and learnt a lot about cooking and entertaining in the process. One restaurant was very regular and family orientated, I built up strong relationships with many of the families who frequented and I continue to babysit for some of them today. In gaining this experience with food and service I have learnt a lot about understanding people’s needs and helping them to feel comfortable. People can be hard work (kids especially!), but I have always been and have continued to learn to be very patient and tolerant, as in truth, I’m very passionate about people and rather enjoy their quirks!

With the combination of my creative ambitions and my working background, I believe I am in a strong position to be a caring, supportive and nurturing role model for children of all ages. I am also organised, switched on and self motivated to take on family PA responsibilities and task. I’m happy to pitch in with household maintance, cooking and errands and be flexible to families needs.

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