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My name is Tom and I am 24 years old. I am a very physical, smiley and up beat person who manages to stay calm by remembering the little things in life such as a sunny day, long walks or laughing with friends and family, the free things in life.

I was raised in a little town called Hinckley just outside of Leicester. Being brought up in a little town and having all of my close family so near by I was always called upon to help out with younger family members. Whether that would be giving my auntie a break from her kids for just a couple of hours or taking them on day trips down to the park or to swimming. I have always been energetic, fun, and well mannered and best of all I still have the imagination of a child. Which is why I still love playing and working with children although I have to admit their imagination is a little better than mine.

After leaving school I studied for three years at my local college and from there I attained both a first and national diploma in performing arts. I then packed my bags and moved to London in order to attend drama school for a further three years.

After graduating from Mountview with a BA (Hons) in professional acting I needed to find work that I would not only enjoy doing but that would also be flexible. I was lucky enough to get a job with a company called Sharky&George. They provide children’s entertainers for birthday parties and I must say these parties are some of the most enjoyable I have ever been to. Besides all the fun and games and a lot of cake, you must first open up to the children and welcome them in or they will never trust and/or want to play with you. You can’t just jump straight up in their face and be really energetic as this may frighten them and this is game over straight away. Much like why many children are afraid of clowns I find. First you must interact with them on their level (literally) sitting down with them and find out who they are and what they like. Once that is established you then explain what is going to happen at the party. That fills the children with excitement, that then rubs off on you and then you all jump up like crazy together, ready to play the first game! You are then one of them and they accept you as a big brother and or friend. One that is not only fun but also there for them when they get hurt or might miss out on getting a sweet.

I enjoy doing many activities in my spare time from painting to reading and writing from gymnastics to cooking from snowboarding to studying Egyptology and astronomy two things that I find fascinating and most importantly of all in life just having fun.

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