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I am/was an Actor looking for extra work allowing me to audition at short notice. I had been the barman a hundred times and the thought of returning to the call centre was frightening… so what to do?

A chance encounter with one of the first Big Buddies got me thinking, but only when I realised 3 close friends had signed up and had expressed their satisfaction did I contact Annie.

It quickly became the most rewarding experience since my first job out of drama school.

My companion for the next two years… A heavily autistic 15 year old boy who loved me singing. ..I mean loved me singing… I was welcomed by the family with open arms and even invited to their wedding anniversary last year.

During this period a member of a band and a music producer heard me signing and asked me to record something which we did. He happened to have two boys so was also interested in my extra work and quickly joined My Big Buddy as a client!

Since then I have worked with a myriad of families in many different areas, taken trips with and without the parents and had a LOT of fun! Although I’m not too sure I want to take 3 x 6 year olds to a theme park on my own again.. not until I have them myself.

I am still working with a family to date and love the responsibility, the freedom but most importantly the respect from the kids and the feeling of being part of the family.

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