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Homework Buddies, Coaches & Musicians

If your kids need a little more encouragement with their homework, why not book one of our teachers, tutors or TAs to help out a few evenings a week. Or maybe you’re raising the next Wayne Rooney and need someone who can challenge their sporting skills? We have loads of Buddies with coaching certificates in sports such as football, tennis, swimming and even skiing. If music is your child’s thing, maybe one of our fabulous musicians could nurture their instrumental skills, or at least encourage that practice you are always nagging them to do!

Big Buddies Payment:
£14- £28 per hour. Higher rate requested for qualified Buddies

Families can choose to either pay as they go or take out an Annual Membership:
Non member casual rates:
£20 per day
£80 per week
£100 casual 6 pack (6 sporadic bookings)

Memberships cover all replacements and temp Buddies needed within the subscription period.
Tier 1 Annual Membership - £550 (Maximum of 2 bookings per week)

Tier 2 Annual Membership - £750 (Maximum of 4 bookings per week OR unlimited holiday bookings)
Over the 12 month period Tier 1 or Tier 2 members are entitled to up to two/four bookings per week or unlimited school holiday dates with either the same or different Big Buddies. Further fees will be charged if the client needs to increase either permanently or temporarily. Limited members have the option to upgrade to a Tier 3 Membership at anytime on a pro rata basis or pay the casual rates of £20 per extra day or £80 per extra week.

Tier 3 Annual Membership - £950 per year (unlimited bookings)
During the annual period the member is entitled to unlimited bookings with any of our Big Buddies.

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