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Terms and conditions

All our fees, and any potential refunds, are subject to our Terms and Conditions.
The following agreement is between My Big Buddy (The Agency) and the Family (The Client).

The Agency is in the business of providing childcare and entertainment services.
‘My Big Buddy’ acts as an agent for the purpose of introductions between Families and Male Nannies and Big Buddies. The fees and relevant terms agreed to by The Client are as stipulated in our Charges Document. No fees are charged for Candidates to register with The Agency.

A ‘Big Buddy’ is typically a male with childcare experience who will provide casual childcare and entertainment services. A ‘Manny’ is typically a Male Nanny providing ongoing child care to an individual family on a contract basis.

An invoice, outlining payment procedure will be sent to families upon signing of our contract. No fees are charged until Clients have met and chosen an appropriate Candidate to trial.

  • The agreement to purchase of services will be between The Agency and The Client. The agreement for hours, duties and contract period will be between the Big Buddy/ Manny and The Client.
  • If The Client should re-engage a Big Buddy/ Manny after membership/temp period expiry, a further fee will be charged and The Agency must be notified immediately of any such arrangement.
  • If a temporary Big Buddy leaves a position within the initial invoice period, The Agency will endeavor to provide a replacement. Should this not be possible, then a refund will be made for each full day not worked.
  • All instances of termination of employment where a refund is claimed must be notified in writing to The Agency within three days of the termination of employment.
  • No claim for refund is available where payment in full has not been received by The Agency within ten days of the invoice date.
  • Clients retaining the services of a candidate beyond the guarantee period, however unsatisfactory, paid or unpaid, will receive no replacement or refund.
  • All introductions of Applicants by The Agency and their details shall remain confidential and must not be passed indirectly to potential Employers or Employees. A sum equivalent to the full introduction fee or membership will be charged to The Client if this undertaking is breached.
  • Whilst the Agency endeavors to interview personally potential Candidates and obtain references, it is The Clients responsibility to satisfy themselves as to the suitability of the Candidate for the engagement.
  • The Agency does not accept any responsibility or liability for any loss, damage, expense delay or personality clashes resulting from The Agency’s introduction nor do they give any guarantee concerning the suitability of any staff introduced by The Agency. It is up to The Client to satisfy themselves in this respect.
  • The Agency does not accept any legal responsibility for false information that may be supplied by the Candidates
  • It is the responsibility of The Client to notify The Agency at the time of booking if the are any special needs/requirements that the child/children may have/require so that ‘My Big Buddy’ can make the appropriate arrangements with the Manny/ Big Buddy involved. This is specifically important in the areas of health and or diet.

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