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International Placements

With offices in both London and Melbourne, we are perfectly placed to assist with International Placements anywhere in the world. We currently have Mannies placed in Rome, New York, Moscow, Switzerland and LA who are all capable of assisting us with local recruitment and placement.

International Placements Charges

Big Buddy Salary:
Determined on a case by case basis.

Agency Fees:
15% of the Buddy’s annual gross salary. The Agency can supply an employment contract to families for this purpose. We strongly advise this option if you are offering over 30 hours per week and would like a long term commitment from your Buddy.

It is the responsibility of the Client to pay all tax on behalf of any permanently employed Buddy

Full payment of agency fees must be paid before the trial period begins. It is the families responsibility to pay all travel costs on behalf of their new Manny.
A pro rata refund is offered should the placement be unsuccessful. Please contact the agency for more details regarding refunds.

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