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Consistency and Routines

Consistency and Routines

Just like adults, kids respond better when they know what to expect. This is why it is so important to have a routine in place within the home. Your Buddy can help with this and if you ever need to replace him, passing on the role will be much easier.
When a new candidate registers with My Big Buddy, we run through a series of induction notes. One of the key sections of these notes is the ‘after school routine’. Here it is so you know what you can expect from your Buddy….

  • Pack snacks and any after school activities kits
  • Collect children
  • Take children to scheduled activity or conduct games of your own
  • Empty school bags and put all dirty kit in washing machine.
  • Think of a few things the children can take responsibility for and remind them every day to do their little job. Eg. Placing shoes, blazers school bags in specific locations, bringing plates/glasses to the sink etc.
  • Assist with homework. Make sure you check the homework with the child after it is competed. See homework hints on our blog for some more tips.
  • Prepare evening meal
  • Serve dinner
  • Clean up after dinner
  • Thoroughly clean kitchen benches and cooking utensils
  • Bath children
  • Make sure bathroom is in order. Towels hung, bath empty, toys put away, uniforms and dirty clothes put in washing machine
  • Remind children to brush teeth
  • Reading time in bed
  • Good Night
  • Lay uniforms for following day
  • Pack school bags and sports kits for following day. Don’t forget the homework and diary.
  • Make sure all sports kits are ready by front door for the morning. Make lists of what is required each day and double check it!

Consistency is another point we discuss with our newly recruited candidates. Whilst everyone following the routine is important, enforcing rules like attention to homework, sitting at the table to eat a meal and putting toys away is equally important. Especially when you are working as part of a team! It’s a great idea to give your Buddy a list of rules you always enforce and a list of ideals. Obviously he’ll need to pick his battles but if he knows there are certain points you always stick to, a list will help with consistency.

At the end of the day, if we all have similar expectations of the children and are singing off the same song sheet, we will make all our lives a lot easier and the children will be happier.


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